rl0: watchdog timeout + 40, 000 ms ping with 7.1-BETA-i386-disc1.iso

Julian Stacey jhs at berklix.org
Fri Sep 26 17:54:32 UTC 2008

> From:		"Julian Stacey" <jhs at berklix.org> 
> Date:		Fri, 26 Sep 2008 19:16:57 +0200 
> Message-id:	<200809261717.m8QHGvmx011312 at fire.js.berklix.net> 

"Julian Stacey" wrote:
> >  > I'm remaking binaries,
> New generic kernel built & installed, & install of all src/ done too.
> No improvement.
> > Is there reliable way to reproduce the issue? 
> Its continuous, the machine virtually never does a ping in less
> than 10 seconds.
> > Anyway, would you try attached patch and let me know result?
> Thanks
> Done, doesnt help.
> Seeing a new message now too:
> ping: sendto: No buffer space available.
> Output of vmstat -i and pciconf -lv look the same as before
> It's a small card. Weighs 46 gram. I was going to write 
> 	I could simply post it to you, & you could keep it if you
> 	want.  As I had quessed it might be some new kind of card
> 	unexperienced before,
> 	RTL8139D, card just says made in China
> But I just grabbed another card 
> 	card says Level One.
> 	chip 8139B
> & with both patched kernel & original no improvement.
> So I tried a totaly different card xl0 fails too,
> I think that 3com xl0 card was OK before in another box,
> so I'd guess not an rl problem, Sorry.
> Probably not 7.1 either, but probably a BIOS config problem of some sort.
> IRQ 12 was listed in Award BIOS as Primary, options were also secondary or disabled, so Ive set it disabled.
> PNP OS Yes
> Resources: Auto
> "Reset config data" to Enabled (I forgot before after card changes)
> Did another restore BIOS factory defaults, no help.  
> Moved xl0 to another slot (all other 3 slots never use I guess, as
> chassis plates not torn off on what I guess is original chassis.
> No luck with xl0
> I'm out of ideas.

Got it working on xl
interrupt problem, I turned off lpt com2 & something else
in bios.
Got to go out now
Ill go back to rl0 too & report back soon
thanks for help both !

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