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Jo Rhett jrhett at netconsonance.com
Sat Sep 20 02:39:20 UTC 2008

On Sep 19, 2008, at 7:07 PM, Aragon Gouveia wrote:
>> To get a business to commit resources to a project there must be an
>> actual goal.
> [1] The FreeBSD project would have to commit resources too.  Its  
> community

Of course.  This is what the requirements analysis is ;-)

> For (a), (b), and (z), this is where you come in.  Define the goal.   
> Make a
> plan to get there.  Assess the effort involved.  Convince your  
> employer that
> (a), (b) and (z) is worth it to him/her and that the result of (z)  
> will
> convince the FreeBSD project to commit the resources needed to  
> integrate it.
> If they're happy, start working on (z) and bring it to the FreeBSD  
> project
> when you think it's ready.

Of course.  If this was something that could be done without working  
with the freebsd developers, do you think I would put up with this  
kind of abuse?  I'd much rather have something I could just go and  
do ;-)

The issue is that nobody is willing to answer the question: "what  
resources are too limited to provide longer support?   How can we help?"

This the elephant that everyone ignores.  To develop a plan, you need  
to know the limitations.  Once those are spelled out, you sit down and  
try to determine what resources are necessary to achieve a certain  
goal.  Then you find those resources, etc etc...

  Without input from the current release team extending the support  
schedule is not possible.

Jo Rhett
Net Consonance : consonant endings by net philanthropy, open source  
and other randomness

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