ACPI "blacklist" question

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Sep 17 17:43:44 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 17 September 2008 07:47:18 am Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Hello,
> I have recently updated a machine to 7-stable.
> ACPI doesn't seem to work correctly on this machine.
> With earlier versions of FreeBSD (including the latest
> RELENG_6), I got this line in dmesg:
>    ACPI disabled by blacklist.  Contact your BIOS vendor.
> And everything was fine.  The box runs perfectly well
> with ACPI disabled.  (I can't get a BIOS update because
> the mainboard is too old.)
> When I updated to RELENG_7 a few days ago, the above line
> did _not_ appear anymore, and the machine didn't proceed
> to boot, so I had to travel to the console.  :-(
> After disabling ACPI manually via boot.conf hint, it is
> up and running fine again.
> Now i'm wondering:   Has the ACPI blacklist been removed
> intentionally, or is this a regression?  Certainly I did
> not find any mentioning of it in UPDATING or anywhere
> else.

This is a regression.  Try this fix:

Index: acpi_quirk.c
--- acpi_quirk.c	(revision 183112)
+++ acpi_quirk.c	(working copy)
@@ -149,9 +149,9 @@
     if (ACPI_FAILURE(AcpiGetTableHeader(ACPI_SIG_FADT, 0, &fadt)))
 	bzero(&fadt, sizeof(fadt));
     if (ACPI_FAILURE(AcpiGetTableHeader(ACPI_SIG_DSDT, 0, &dsdt)))
-	bzero(&fadt, sizeof(dsdt));
+	bzero(&dsdt, sizeof(dsdt));
     if (ACPI_FAILURE(AcpiGetTableHeader(ACPI_SIG_XSDT, 0, &xsdt)))
-	bzero(&fadt, sizeof(xsdt));
+	bzero(&xsdt, sizeof(xsdt));
     /* Then, override the quirks with any matched from table signatures. */
     for (entry = acpi_quirks_table; entry->match; entry++) {

John Baldwin

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