RELENG_7 nvidia xorg hard lock

Ilya Bakulin webmaster at
Fri Sep 12 16:46:01 UTC 2008

В пт, 12/09/2008 в 12:39 +0200, Marian Hettwer пишет:
> Reply to myself:
> it seems, that the nvidia card isn't recognized by the nvidia kld.
> xorg.log states:
> (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module! Please
> ensure
> (EE) NVIDIA(0):     that there is a supported NVIDIA GPU in this system,
> and
> (EE) NVIDIA(0):     that the NVIDIA device files have been created
> properly.
> (EE) NVIDIA(0):     Please consult the NVIDIA README for details.
> (EE) NVIDIA(0):  *** Aborting ***
> Wh00t? This card worked before...
> nvidia0: <Unknown> on vgapci0
> vgapci0: child nvidia0 requested pci_enable_busmaster
> vgapci0: child nvidia0 requested pci_enable_io
> nvidia0: [GIANT-LOCKED]
> nvidia0: [ITHREAD]
> Something is odd here...

Obviously Xorg has nothing to do with this issue.
Please make sure that your nvidia module is up-to-date and in sync with current kernel.
If I were you, I would delete nvidia-driver package, make sure that it has gone from /boot/modules, than download latest driver version
and recompile it. After that try to reboot and see what happens.

Ilya Bakulin
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