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Brooks Davis brooks at freebsd.org
Mon Sep 8 14:15:55 UTC 2008

On Sun, Sep 07, 2008 at 08:06:24AM -0400, Randy Pratt wrote:
> The ports tree distribution tarball provided on the installation disks
> is another area that needs some consideration.  I suspect that many
> people aren't aware of the need for "adoption":
>   http://myfreebsd.homeunix.net/hints_n_kinks/adoptportstree.html
> Is it possible to provide/install the necessary file(s) along with
> the ports tree such that cvsup/csup would be aware of the files
> installed so that obsolete files can be removed when updating the ports
> tree?  The same situation probably exists for the source tree
> and the documentation tree.  Would it just be a matter of installing
> the appropriate "checkouts.cvs:." files when the sources are
> installed?
> I've only done the adoption process one time and decided that its
> easier to just csup a new trees right after booting the new system.

IMO, an even better (but complementary) approach would be to have
/usr/ports be a valid portsnap extraction and give users the option to
bootstrap /var/db/portsnap.  In general I'm finding it to be a much better

At this point I'm mostly using cvsup for development.  I literally check
out a separate ports tree on boxes I do ports development on and keep
the main tree up to date with portsnap.  I also use freebsd-update to
manage most of my servers at work even ones with custom kernels (just
let it update /usr/src and don't let it update the kernel).

> Additionally, I've never seen a clear way of synchronizing a
> local ports tree to that used to create the "LATEST" packages. I've
> had to resort to building my own package sets for the slow boxes
> on the network.  I realize that this aspect diverges from the
> subject of this thread but I do think some more thought should
> be given to this aspect.

With cvs there probably isn't a cost effective way to indicate this
(though I suppose the package collections could include a file with a
cvsup date string in them).

-- Brooks
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