How to disable NFS fnctl in /etc/fstab?

Claus Guttesen kometen at
Thu Sep 4 16:52:34 UTC 2008

> For some reason we want to disable fnctl lock for NFS
> mounted partition. We can achieve this by the following
> command: mount_nfs -T -L server:/home /mnt
> However after several time of failure tests, we still
> can not make it work in /etc/fstab.

According to man mount_nfs:

     -L      Do not forward fcntl(2) locks over the wire.  All locks will be
             local and not seen by the server and likewise not seen by other
             NFS clients.  This removes the need to run the rpcbind(8) service
             and the rpc.statd(8) and rpc.lockd(8) servers on the client.
             Note that this option will only be honored when performing the
             initial mount, it will be silently ignored if used while updating
             the mount options.


             Historic -o Options

             Use of these options is deprecated, they are only mentioned here
             for compatibility with historic versions of mount_nfs.

             bg         Same as -b.


             lockd      Same as not specifying -L.

If you do not specify lockd on the client and don't run rpcbind on the
server it may run as you require. But I haven't tried myself. If my
assumption is correct you only need to make shure that rpcbind is not
running on the server.


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