How to disable NFS fnctl in /etc/fstab?

Tim Chen gphoto6 at
Thu Sep 4 16:33:58 UTC 2008

For some reason we want to disable fnctl lock for NFS
mounted partition. We can achieve this by the following
command: mount_nfs -T -L server:/home /mnt
However after several time of failure tests, we still
can not make it work in /etc/fstab.

server:/home /mnt nfs rw,tcp 0 0

It seems there is no coresponding options in /etc/fstab
so that I can disable fnctl lock for NFS. If we can not
set it right in /etc/fstab, every time the machine reboot
requires human intervention to mount the partition manually.
It is very annoying and inconvenient.

Please give us some suggestion and hint to solve this situation.

By the way, since the machine is running as a mail server which
install postfix,courier-imap, will it happen any kind of data
corruption due to NFS fnctl lock disabled?

Best regards,

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