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Thu Sep 4 15:42:40 UTC 2008

On Thu, 4 Sep 2008 08:58:27 -0600
Dan Allen <danallen46 at> wrote:

> Then, since packages are always out-of-date, why not just skip the DVD  
> and use the internet with a couple of check boxes at the end of the  
> install, the way ports is treated now, that are just calls to pkg_add - 
> r for:
> * KDE
> * Firefox
> * ... whatever else are the most popular add-ons
> Fewer bits to be delivered via CD/DVD, and things are always up-to-date.

This functionality already exists in sysinstall.  Go to

  Configure    Do post-install configuration of FreeBSD


  Packages         Install pre-packaged software for FreeBSD

Then select the installation media/method:

  2 FTP          Install from an FTP server

Select ftp server:

  Main Site      

Sysinstall will retrieve the INDEX of all available packages.
It might take a few minutes to display all the package options.
Selecting a package to install will automatically install all
needed dependencies.

It might be necessary to set some options under:

  Options          View/Set various installation options

if you're trying to get package versions other than the
particular FreeBSD version that you have (ie, LATEST).  I don't
remember the exact details for doing this since I no longer
use (possibly obsolete) packages.

Its been years since I used Sysinstall but I seem to remember that
at the end of a new installation, it will ask if you want to 
install packages which is done as described above.



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