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Wesley Shields wxs at
Thu Sep 4 14:51:15 UTC 2008

On Thu, Sep 04, 2008 at 08:34:54AM -0600, Dan Allen wrote:
> On 4 Sep 2008, at 7:43 AM, Wesley Shields wrote:
> > No thanks.  This means you have to have a working connection to  
> > install
> > firefox via this method.  Since not everyone will have that it is  
> > still
> > necessary to bundle the firefox package on the media, bringing us  
> > right
> > back to the very issue you are trying to solve.
> No.  You do NOT get my point.  Firefox is (almost) worthless without  
> an internet connection.  It's whole purpose is to browse the  
> internet.  Therefore, if you are going to use firefox, you by  
> definition have an internet connection, hence you have the ability to  
> get firefox through this same internet connection.  (This assumes  
> fetch or wget or curl is around to get firefox.)

Firefox is not worthless without an internet connection.  It can browse
websites on networks not connected to the internet just fine.  You seem
to use it mostly on the internet at large, but don't assume the rest
of the world does.

Pushing firefox off the media is a bad idea.  I've had scenarios in the
past where I needed to stand up a machine with a browser on a physically
isolated network.  Having firefox on the media was very helpful in this

Another scenario involves documentation which comes in HTML form.  Why
should I need an internet connection to get firefox just to read the
documentation off my hard drive.  Sure, I could use something else which
can render the HTML but maybe I want to use firefox.

This whole idea is a non-starter IMO.  Although the install media suits
my needs just fine I'm not naive enough to think it suits everyones
needs just fine.  There are projects mentioned in this thread already
which are attempting to make the installer better and/or move to a DVD
to ease some of the space constraints.  If anyone wants to work on the
problems outlined in this thread I think efforts are better spent on the
sysinstall replacement projects going on and moving to a DVD.

-- WXS

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