LevelOne WPC-0301 11g Wireless CardBus

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at janh.de
Thu Oct 30 14:07:51 PDT 2008

Oliver wrote:
 > I bought a LevelOne WPC-0301 11g Wireless CardBus Adapter
 > today.  According to the box it is "v6".  The ral(4) man-
 > page mentions only v2, but that one is ancient and can't
 > be bought anymore.

I do not know about the WPC-0301, but I since I bought a wrong WNC-0301 
(PCI version), I did some research looking at the IDs and additionally 
Windows drivers: v.1 is Marvel, v.2 is the old Ralink, v.3 is the never 
Ralink, and v.5  (and v.6?) is RealTek. (v.4 does not have a Windows 
driver at the LevelOne homepage.)

BTW: I did summit this info to http://linux-wless.passys.nl/ -- it is a 
pretty good overview, especially if you want to check which vendors 
switch chipset manufacturers from one revision to the next.

My guess would be that you are out of luck, if it is not detected at 
7-STABLE. Look at the sys files in the Windows driver, if there is one. 
Of course, you can try ndis, but I would not go for it.

If you shop for a card, most of the 108Mbps are Atheros, which works 
better than Ralink in my experience. Since you are from Germany, too: 
geizhals.at lists TP-Link TL-WN610G for less than 15 Euros, which has an 
Atheros chipset according to the site I mentioned above. If you are 
looking on Ebay, I can really recommend Philips SNN6500, which does 
a/b/g and the proprietary Atheros stuff (TURBOP, BURST).

Jan Henrik

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