Request for testing: ata(4) MFC

Ruben van Staveren ruben at
Fri Oct 17 08:09:17 UTC 2008


On 17 Oct 2008, at 1:15, Steven Hartland wrote:

> You must be very careful with using less than 48bit addressing when  
> both
> the drive and the controller supports it as some disks report errors  
> at
> none standard crossover points.
> I saw this first hand with the highpoint driver where it totally  
> trashed
> the RAID volumes. The solution was to "always" use 48bit addressing if
> the drive supports / requires it.

Could this be the thing that is at stake ?

The mirror, consisting out of ad4/ad6 got its ad4 trashed with the  
patch enabled. luckily it could be rebuild from the intact ad6.

here is a atacontrol cap ad4

(0|chassis|ttyp0[-]) ~ > atacontrol cap ad4

Protocol              Serial ATA II
device model          SEAGATE ST32500NSSUN250G 0825B824R1
serial number         9QE824R1
firmware revision     3AZQ
cylinders             16383
heads                 16
sectors/track         63
lba supported         268435455 sectors
lba48 supported       488390625 sectors
dma supported
overlap not supported

Feature                      Support  Enable    Value           Vendor
write cache                    yes	yes
read ahead                     yes	yes
Native Command Queuing (NCQ)   yes	 -	31/0x1F
Tagged Command Queuing (TCQ)   no	no	31/0x1F
SMART                          yes	yes
microcode download             yes	yes
security                       yes	no
power management               yes	yes
advanced power management      no	no	65278/0xFEFE
automatic acoustic management  no	no	0/0x00	254/0xFE

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