Request for testing: ata(4) MFC

Steven Hartland killing at
Thu Oct 16 23:25:33 UTC 2008

You must be very careful with using less than 48bit addressing when both
the drive and the controller supports it as some disks report errors at
none standard crossover points.

I saw this first hand with the highpoint driver where it totally trashed
the RAID volumes. The solution was to "always" use 48bit addressing if
the drive supports / requires it.


> I started looking at the moment, as the original 28->48bit crossover bug was in the same function not so long ago (ata-all.c 
> rev1.280). The 48-bit LBA changes are introduced from ata-all.c rev1.282, which was the port multiplier changes. The logic just 
> doesn't seem quite right to it to me, but
> I'm not an expert on the code or on ATA, so all of this could just be amateur mis-interpretation. From my reading of it, the 
> code does this:
> /*
>  * Check to see if we need to use a 48-bit command in place of the
>  * standard 28-bit command, and if so, substitute as appropriate
>  */
> IF ((request_lba_addr + lba_count) >= max addressable by 28-bit LBA
>     or lba_count > 256) and device supports 48-bit LBA THEN
>         /*
>          * The request either:
>          *
>          *    - extends past the 28-bit boundary
>          *    - is for more than 256 sectors
>          *
>          * which necessitates the use of 48-bit LBA. Translate commands
>          * into their 48-bit equivalents.
>          */
>         ...
> ELSEIF the device supports 48-bit lba:
>         /*
>          * We prefer (need?) to use the 48-bit equivalents of these
>          * commands regardless of what the LBA address of the reqest is
>          */
>        ...
> In rev 1.282, the ATA_READ_NATIVE_MAX_ADDRESS was moved down to the "ELSE" case of the IF statement. In otherwords, when the 
> request is beyond the 28-bit boundary, OR it's > 256 sectors, ATA_READ_NATIVE_MAX_ADDRESS won't be translated...
> Søren, is this change intentional, or should it be also added to the switch statement in the top half of the IF block?
> The ATA code appears to be very lightly commented, which no doubt is something of a barrier to entry to those who are not 
> familiar with issues such as the above... would any volunteers be helpful to help comment and/or document some of the code? We 
> would likely need to confer with Søren and others to ensure that our interpretation was accurate, but it would certainly make 
> tracking down issues easier for those unfamiliar with the code...

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