Is FreeBSD a suitable choice for a MacBook?

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Mon Oct 6 12:08:29 UTC 2008

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> Subject: Is FreeBSD a suitable choice for a MacBook?
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> I have an Apple MacBook with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (November
> 2007 edition, cf. the Wikipedia article for specifications), and I have
> been considering switching to one of the free UNIX clones for some time
> now. I understand that Ubuntu GNU/Linux is supposed to work well on this
> kind of machine, but I would rather use some variant of BSD if that is a
> viable alternative.
> I would therefore like to ask you whether anyone here has any experience
> with FreeBSD, either 7.0-RELEASE or any other version, that they would
> like to share so I might know what to expect if I choose to go through
> with this. I have some time on my hands the next couple of weeks, so I
> am prepared to spend some days tweaking things to work if it is worth
> the effort, but if it isn't, I might as well take Ubuntu for a spin or
> do a clean install of Mac OS X.
> Best regards
> Eirik W. Svela

On my Macbook, I ran and used Ubuntu and FreeBSD in the days of 6.1
for a while, but the big problem is power management.

On a laptop that is a killer... Standby is unreliable, breaks, and
basically means that if you're on the move you have to shutdown and
boot every time you want to put your laptop away. Is that what you
really want? Say goodbye to your battery life too.

Apart from that, all the cool parts of FreeBSD are just as good on it.
I just found it's far better on my PC.

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