system hangup - I'm lost

Jim Pingle lists at
Wed Oct 1 14:24:41 UTC 2008

Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> P.S. -- You're the 2nd person I've encountered in under a week who's
> using 440BX/GX-based hardware in present day.  I would not be
> surprised if the board is simply going bad/failing due to age.  :-)

I still have quite a few of these in active use. They are good
workhorses. Sure, they don't have the raw computing power of newer
servers, but for most of our tasks they get the job done. I also have a
couple stacks of these in 2U cases sitting unused for spare parts and

They make great FreeBSD boxes, and handle low-moderate loads pretty
well. We use them for all kinds of things: firewalls, personal/testing
servers, SVN repos, monitoring and traffic graphing, name servers, you
name it.

To bring this back on topic, they might be old, but I have yet to
encounter one single motherboard from that series that has failed on me
in any way. (*knock on wood*) However, mine are all Intel L440GX boards
with dual PIII CPUs in the 600-800MHz range.

We try to squeeze every last bit of value out of the hardware we have. :-)


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