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Chris H. chris# at 1command.com
Thu Jan 31 17:36:34 PST 2008

Hello Pete, and thank you for your continued input. I really appreciate it.

Quoting Pete French <petefrench at ticketswitch.com>:

>> Well, to be Frank with you ( even though my name is Chris ;) ), having
>> to migrate ~50 conf files/layouts on top of "mastering" the /new/ Apache
>> way of doing things, on top of aquainting myself with the way the
>> modules /now/ do things, just isn't going to fit in my schedule. Oh sure
>> I hear you (or others) say; you're going to have to do all of that anyway.
> Actually I understand that perfcetly - indeed I spent today finally
> mihgrating something originally installed on FreeBSD 3 many years
> ago (possibly 1999) and getting it working with ports as I had been
> avoiding re-doing it for all these years. Several hour and a lot of pain.
> If I wasn't off work sick it wouldn't have got done at all.
>> I don't think it's (at this point in my install) reasonable to assume
>> Apache 2.0 has anything to do with it. As the PHP5 build doesn't even
>> care (or ask about) which Apache version I'm using, except to
>> differentiate between it being 1.3 || 2.x.
> O.K., so this is a simple case of
> 	cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
> 	make fetch-recursive
> 	make config-recursive
> 	make clean
> 	make
> yup ? now, I did that with a csup of php5 a few days ago and it
> was O.K. for me.

A few days ago it worked great for me too. :) But seems that my cvsup of
2008-01-31 has added some changes to my php5 source. Namely:
lang/php5/files/patch-Zend_zend_list.c, and 
I thought about getting the diffs from freebsd.org and "diffing" back.
But felt I should hold back, in hopes of a better solution.

> I am reconning that this has something to do
> with some other ports that php5 is dependent on which havent been
> upgraded to the version in the tree.

Hey, that's not asking much (not sarcastic). I'm not getting anywhere in/
at my current state. :)

> How about try configuring it *not* to build the apache dependent bits and
> see if it compiles then? The php5 port only depends on Apache if you tell it
> to build the Apache module.

I'm /quite/ sure that that will work flawlessly. I'll do that first, and
report my experience.

> Or try installing it with pkg_add -r ?

I won't realize the recent changes that cvsup has added to the port source.

Thanks again for all your input!

I'll be back...


> -pete.
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