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Wed Jan 30 10:34:47 PST 2008

Read the exports(5) manpage. Its format is different on FreeBSD than it 
is on Linux. (rw) isn't valid.

Pay particular attention to the section about "maproot". "In the 
absence of -maproot and -mapall options, remote accesses by root will 
result in using a credential of -2:-2." So if you mounted the directory 
as root on the client side then you were given no permissions. Either 
add a "-maproot=root" flag to your exports line (insecure) or change 
the ownership on the server to be a different user and mount as that 
user on the client.


Quoting geek <arlogeek at>:

> I am using FreeBSD 6.2.  I am trying to export a directory so that another
> machine can read and write to it.
> With an /etc/exports file that says:
> /Data
> I get an empty directory on the client machine.
> I know that there are files in the directory.  They show when I list the
> contents on the FreeBSD machine.
> If I leave off the (rw), then the contents of the directory are visible.
> But the documents are read only.
> What am I doing wrong here?
> Thanks to all for any help.
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