USB support + Supermicro IPMI KVM = no keyboard

Steven Hartland killing at
Tue Jan 29 11:00:07 PST 2008

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From: "Erik Stian Tefre" <erik at>

> Steven Hartland wrote:
>> When booting a default kernel e.g. standard install cd the KVM over LAN
>> keyboard on Supermicro's IPMI modules refuse to function. Once installed
>> if we build a kernel without USB all is good.
>> So two questions:-
>> 1. Can usb support be disabled from the loader?
>> 2. Anyone got any ideas why USB would break the IPMI keyboard?
> The IPMI keyboard is a USB keyboard. It seems to work OK on a box 
> running 7.0:
> port 6 addr 2: high speed, self powered, config 1, Multidevice(0x0002), 
> Peppercon AG(0x14dd), rev 0.01
> ukbd0: <Peppercon AG Multidevice, class 0/0, rev 2.00/0.01, addr 2> on uhub3
> The same box running 6.2 did not connect the device as a usb keyboard.

Thanks Eric unfortunately we had the same issue with 7.0-RC1 and 7.0-PREREL
I'll look at dropping usb back into our kernel we're running atm and
see if it detects the above as that might well help diagnose the issue.


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