"ad0: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA" type errors with 7.0-RC1

J H jh2007554 at s6.sector6.net
Mon Jan 28 03:14:23 PST 2008

Richard Todd wrote:
> Workaround: always make sure you run /etc/rc.d/hostid start in single-user before doing any ZFS tinkering.

Good advice -- thank you.

But it still sounds like Jeremy's assessment, "it's a bug", is 
accurate.  ZFS could certainly check for zero hostid.  If zero, it 
should /definitely/ display a diagnostic which encourages the admin to 
use /etc/rc.d/hostid (or a printout of it).  If zero, it /might/ 
additionally do some reads in case a likely-looking /etc/rc.d/hostid is 
available, and display the hostid, perhaps even speculatively start 
using it.  It would save some needless "no datasets available" hair pulling.


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