Well-supported SAS RAID card for 6.3?

Tom Judge tom at tomjudge.com
Sun Jan 27 14:08:17 PST 2008

Josh Endries wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> Scott Long wrote:
>> LSI, Highpoint, Areca, 3ware, and Adaptec are all well supported in 
>> FreeBSD.
> Are they? I don't see any reference to the LSI8708, LSI8888 or LSI1068 
> in the man pages I can find...does anyone use these? Some people have 
> problems with the PERC 6/i (which I think is an LSI), which makes me 
> wonder.

The problems I have seen reported about this are due to the use of FDISK 
partitions on arrays larger than 2TB.  I have yet to see a report about 
a real fault with the mfi driver (on stable@ and current@ at least).


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