ad8: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA errors UFS 7.0-RC1

Remco van Bekkum remco at
Sun Jan 27 08:05:31 PST 2008

Well it looks like in my case it is hardware related after all. It failed to read the boot
block several times now. 2nd sort of DOA of this disk...


On Sat, Jan 26, 2008 at 04:28:29PM -0700, Joe Peterson wrote:
> Remco van Bekkum wrote:
> > Same here. On an amd64 system with 1x sata disk (Western Digital Caviar
> > Green Power) on an amd690G chipset, with UFS and intensive disk activity
> > the system hangs and in the end it may panic. I've csupped today and
> > rebuild world & generic kernel but still it's very unstable, sometimes it
> > even hangs when activating geom volumes at boot time... 
> > I must add that this is a new system so I'm not 100% sure the hardware is sane.
> > Using ZFS it also crashed when doing intensive I/O.
> This is very interesting.  It seems to there are several of us who are
> experiencing something that *looks* like hardware (disk) issues when using 7.0.
> Could this be related to the mouse freeze issue?  Could some process be
> locking/grabbing the CPU at inopportune times and causing not only the
> freezing symptoms but also reads/writes problems?
> Can anyone else using 7.0 who hasn't already (especially those using ZFS)
> check his/her /var/log/messages for disk TIMEOUTs or other disk error
> messages?  If this is widespread, I think the chances re slim that it is a
> hardware problem in every case.
> 					-Joe

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