ad8: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA errors UFS 7.0-RC1

Joe Peterson joe at
Sat Jan 26 15:29:38 PST 2008

Remco van Bekkum wrote:
> Same here. On an amd64 system with 1x sata disk (Western Digital Caviar
> Green Power) on an amd690G chipset, with UFS and intensive disk activity
> the system hangs and in the end it may panic. I've csupped today and
> rebuild world & generic kernel but still it's very unstable, sometimes it
> even hangs when activating geom volumes at boot time... 
> I must add that this is a new system so I'm not 100% sure the hardware is sane.
> Using ZFS it also crashed when doing intensive I/O.

This is very interesting.  It seems to there are several of us who are
experiencing something that *looks* like hardware (disk) issues when using 7.0.

Could this be related to the mouse freeze issue?  Could some process be
locking/grabbing the CPU at inopportune times and causing not only the
freezing symptoms but also reads/writes problems?

Can anyone else using 7.0 who hasn't already (especially those using ZFS)
check his/her /var/log/messages for disk TIMEOUTs or other disk error
messages?  If this is widespread, I think the chances re slim that it is a
hardware problem in every case.


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