Highpoint drivers on 7.0

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Fri Jan 25 14:33:01 PST 2008

I would advise contacting them. There support was helpful when I last contacted
them and for the card that was involved the did release the code for the driver
when enabled us to fix the issues.


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>* Eirik ?verby <ltning at anduin.net> [080125 12:53] wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> did anyone try the Highpoint RocetRaid drivers (hptmv6.ko) on 7-RC1 or  
>> later? I'm considering upgrading one of my servers here, but I need to  
>> know if my RAID-controller will work after reinstall..
>> A shame HPT doesn't release the driver to the community...

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