New KTR trace for mouse freezing/stuttering in 7.0-RC1

Joe Peterson joe at
Fri Jan 25 14:28:52 PST 2008

Sam Leffler wrote:
> Sigh, you are correct.  I backrev'd the machine where I ran schedgraph 
> to RELENG_7 and didn't notice the old version mis-parses the ktr file.  
> The graph is totally different w/ schedgraph from HEAD.
> Sorry Joe for misleading you.

No problem, Sam, but the question I have for you now is: do you see
anything with the updated schedgraph that indicates any "freezes" that
look funny?  The length of the ones I saw with mouse movement were
mostly some portion of a second, from maybe 1/8 to 1/2 sec.  And there
should be a lot of them in quick succession.

					Thanks, Joe

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