panic in vm_page_splay

Mikhail Teterin mi at
Fri Jan 25 08:45:10 PST 2008

> > The machine is running 6.3-PRERELEASE as of Dec 30th. It just
> > paniced in the middle of web-session as I was browsing for a file to
> > upload via a web-form... The firefox in use is native (amd64), not a
> > Linux-binary.
> >
> > The firefox process had over 550Mb of memory to its name -- it was
> > running for many days. The box has 2Gb of RAM and was performing
> > fine despite 4 SETI-processes in the background.
> >
> > Please, advise. Thanks!
> Is this the same box that you got the bad PTE panics on? If so, have
> you run memtest or the like to rule out bad RAM?

No. This would be my own desktop...


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