T7200 CPU not detected by est

Krassimir Slavchev krassi at bulinfo.net
Fri Jan 25 08:09:53 PST 2008

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John Baldwin wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 January 2008 02:42:52 am Krassimir Slavchev wrote:
>> John Baldwin wrote:
>>> On Monday 21 January 2008 11:16:06 am Gerrit Kühn wrote:
>>>> Hi folks,
>>>> I have several systems using T7200 mobile CPUs running under 7-stable.
>>>> However, EST does not recognize the cpus. When loading cpufreq I get:
>>> You can try this patch.  It won't add support for all of the levels, but it
>>> will support the current level and the highest level (IIRC).
>> It works now on my T7700:
>> dev.est.0.%desc: Enhanced SpeedStep Frequency Control
>> dev.est.0.%driver: est
>> dev.est.0.%parent: cpu0
>> dev.est.0.freq_settings: 2401/35000 2400/35000 2000/28000 1600/22000
>> 1200/16000
>> dev.est.1.%desc: Enhanced SpeedStep Frequency Control
>> dev.est.1.%driver: est
>> dev.est.1.%parent: cpu1
>> dev.est.1.freq_settings: 2401/35000 2400/35000 2000/28000 1600/22000
>> 1200/16000
> Odd, it shouldn't have provided that many settings.  It also doesn't
> provide power info.  I wonder if you are getting the settings from

That is the output of 'sysctl -a | grep dev.est' and I don't have any
additional settings.
May be something is wrong with the ACPI on this Acer notebook. There
were errors in the DSDT table but after fixing them the output is the
same. Actually I have problems with the bge card, it does not work with
acpi enabled because it can't map memory...
Let me know if you want any additional information?

Best Regards
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