ktrdumps for masochists (a dump with KTR_ENTRIES=524288)

Wayne Sierke ws at au.dyndns.ws
Thu Jan 24 07:47:56 PST 2008

In an attempt to obtain a ktrdump from one of these lengthy (1-2s)
"freezes" I'm seeing when moving an active window running glxgears, I
configured a kernel with a 512k ktr buffer size.

I still couldn't catch any significant part of the event because of the
high rate of context-switching with glxgears running, and the problem of
stopping the logging quickly after cessation of the event.

The dump contains less than 300ms of events.

It required nearly 700MB of memory to open with schedgraph.py.

Which took over 10 minutes to load on this 2.4GHz P4 (no swapping).

I thought I'd make it available in case someone had a use for it...



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