New KTR trace for mouse freezing/stuttering in 7.0-RC1

Joe Peterson joe at
Thu Jan 24 05:58:02 PST 2008

Sam Leffler wrote:
> I don't see what it is 
> from the trace data.  It sort of looks like the last thing that ran is 
> the swi4 which is likely a callout (need to check the log file contents 
> to be certain).  If the callback function does something it wouldn't 
> necessarily be visible in the schedgraph plot.  If you could stick a 
> dmesg from booting out in the same spot it might be worthwhile.

OK, I just ran a dmesg and put it up there:

The WRITE_DMA messages are not time-correlated with this issue; I don't
like the looks of those either, but that's a different issue to look into...

> Also if 
> you rebuild the kernel the kernel with DIAGNOSTIC then softclock() will 
> complain about callouts that take longer than 2ms to run.

OK, recompiling now...  Will the new messages appear in dmesg, or in a
log file?

> This might 
> generate too much noise in which case you can adjust the threshold by 
> editing the code in sys/kern/kern_timeout.c.

Cool - thanks for looking at this, and I will let you know what I find!
 Do I need to make another trace concurrently, or should I just repeat
the test procedure and see if I get new messages?

						-Thanks, Joe

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