New KTR trace for mouse freezing/stuttering in 7.0-RC1

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Thu Jan 24 02:30:06 PST 2008

Joe Peterson wrote:
> In an attempt to track down this mouse freezing/stuttering (i.e. "jerky
> mouse movement) behavior in FreeBSD 7.0-RC1, I have come up with a
> reliable way to cause it to happen, and I have created a longer trace
> showing the results.  Note that I am using the ULE scheduler.

Have you tried not touching the mouse & playing mp3 music
do you also hear sound interruptions after a few minutes ?

As well as the people talking re. mouse (BTW Kris asked current@
recently if anyone had time to look at Giant lock); Others hear
sound interruptions: I wonder if there may be some commonality as
well as/beyond mouse locking, in scheduling/locking etc.  I've heard
sound interuptions on kernels with both schedulers, (but my hosts
are sensitive as slow & with DMA off (else wont boot), & I must
review my configs some more).

Julian Stacey. Munich Computer Consultant, BSD Unix C Linux.

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