7-STABLE regression that breaks lang/drscheme is src/contrib/gcc/gthr-posix.h

Philipp Ost pj at smo.de
Wed Jan 23 21:14:06 PST 2008

Andrew Reilly wrote:
> Hello again,
> [to recap: drscheme, (which is an IDE that runs under the "mred"
> runtime, built from ports/lang/drscheme (or actually manually
> from a personal copy of that Makefile that builds the current
> release:  372, rather than ver 370 in ports)) worked beautifully
> on my system until I updated to 7-STABLE after 4 Jan.  I track
> -STABLE every week or two.  After that, it segfaults before
> printing or displaying anything, and running under gdb has found
> that it stops in the garbage collector initialization.  I
> haven't raised a PR for this yet because I still think that the
> problem is probably the drscheme FreeBSD configuration that has
> bit-rotted a little, now that FreeBSD has changed slightly.
> Still investigating...  I've cc'd Joseph Koshy, because this
> seems to be somehow related to PR ports/118808.]

I had similar problems whith lang/drscheme. It refused to build ever 
since I switched to RELENG_7.
Building it from source (version 370 and 371) wasn't succesfull at all:
first it refused to find some X includes (which are present), then it 
wouldn't finish compiling because of a coredump in mred/mzscheme (I 
don't recall which one it was). My first thought was a broken compiler, 
but using gcc34 and icc 8.1 wasn't succesfull either ;-) After that, I 
decided not to spend any more time because I didn't know what steps were 
appropriate to take...

I just did compile Drscheme 372 with a "patched" Makefile of the port:
- uncomment this line: BROKEN=         Fails to install (signal 11)
- adapt distinfo:
MD5 (drscheme/372/plt-372-src-unix.tgz) = 751217f63bc64423a29a05423f917af8
SHA256 (drscheme/372/plt-372-src-unix.tgz) = 
SIZE (drscheme/372/plt-372-src-unix.tgz) = 15267684
- make; make install

This may be not the most correct way, but it works for me.

I'm running FreeBSD 7.0-PRERELEASE as of Jan 17 2008.


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