Strange top output

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Wed Jan 23 15:58:47 PST 2008

Johan Hendriks wrote:

> now i have installed 7.0rc1 amd64 version on a quad core xeon and updated yesterday my src and did a buildworld cycle
> On this machine i am running the same jails 1 for proxy and one for the mailscanning.
> but if i do i top here i see much higher values of size used

> this is my first amd64 install, the 6.2 is a i386 install

There are two reasons for the behaviour you noticed:

a) 64-bit software takes more memory than 32-bit, by definition 
(pointers are twice the size, etc.)
b) The memory allocator (malloc) was completely changed in 7.0, and it 
requests more memory from the kernel than the one used before (don't 
worry: the amount of memory actually _used_ has nothing to do with how 
much virtual memory is allocated).

In your case, these two factors have increased memory usage from 82 MB 
to 110 MB, and allocation from 92 MB to 141 MB. There's nothing bad 
here, if you have enough memory.

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