Manual/Wiki or other documentation for PXE install mainly install.cfg?

Royce Williams royce at
Mon Jan 21 08:07:55 PST 2008

Drew Weaver wrote, on 1/21/2008 5:08 AM:
> Hi there, I’ve seen about a dozen different example files for the
> install.cfg used to feed sysinstall automatic configuration data
> for pxe installations but I cant figure out where people are
> getting the options they’re using from.
> Is there a manual, wiki or otherwise documentation on what is
> “valid” to put into this file?

Not that I'm aware of, other than the source itself.

> Also is this file at all scriptable?

Not that I am aware of.

> We would like to be able to use the same install.cfg on all of our
> machines but some of them have different NICs (i.e.) some have rl0,
> fxp0 can we use if statements to detect?

What I've seen most people doing is using the post-install features to
call a script after everything else is done.  Unfortunately, this
doesn't give you scriptable control over the NIC used.

I pregenerate an appropriate install.cfg based on system type, and
then create a DHCP group (I use isc-dhcpd) for all MACs of that type.
 I associate that group with a slightly different nfsroot (containing
the appropriate config file) for that family of machine.  It's not
pretty, but it works.

> Thanks in advance for any tips/tricks!

I found this post by Ceri Davies to be helpful:


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