stupid question about compiling the kernel

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Mon Jan 21 04:16:00 PST 2008

Pete French wrote:
> if I;ve chhanged one line of one file, how can I recompile without
> going back to the top and doing a 'make buildkernel' so I just recompile
> that one file ? It's getting a bit tedious to wait 40 minutes when I've
> only chnaged one line - is there a better way ?

1. Go to your kernel configuration directory (e.g. /sys/i386/conf)
2. run "config CONFNAME" (e.g. config GENERIC)
3. chdir to the printed directory and follow the instructions about make
cleandepend;make depend;make; make install

(if you need to re-make the kernel with changes to existing files, you
can skip the make clean; make depend steps).

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