Dell Perc 6 disk geometry problem with RAID5 (both 6.3 final and 7.0 RC1)

Scott Long scottl at
Sun Jan 20 16:39:02 PST 2008

David Wood wrote:
> [ambrisko@ and scottl@ added to CCs]
> Hi there,

What really needs to happen as a result of this thread is the following,
and I would appreciate volunteers taking up these tasks in some form:

1) FAQ entries written/updated/clarified/advertised as to how FreeBSD,
disklabels, FDISK tables, GPT tables, and the PC BIOS work with regard
to disk sizes.  Having some press articles and blogs published on the
subject in conjunction would be extra good.

2) sysinstall needs to be updated to understand the 2TB "problem" and
provide unambiguous information to the user about it.

3) sysinstall needs to be further updated to give the user options for
doing GPT partitioning with MBR compatibility for booting.

#1 and #2 are vital to get done.  #3 is a very strong "nice to have".
Please, anyone, feel free to work on these tasks with or without
coordination with myself or others.  They need to be done.



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