RELENG_7, RELENG_7_0, RELENG_7_BP, RELENG_7_0_BP - difference?

David Wood david at
Sun Jan 20 13:31:31 PST 2008

Hi Jakub,

In message <20080120220731.64a653c9 at dev>, Jakub Siroky 
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>I should probably know that, but: what's the difference between these


RELENG_7_0 will become 7.0-RELEASE, and is what you should track now if 
you intend to upgrade to 7.0-RELEASE. After 7.0-RELEASE, it will be 
turned over to the security team, and only security fixes and errata 
will be checked in (7.0-RELEASE-p1 etc.).

The _BP versions mark the branch points - where the tree was when the 
tag mentioned was branched. They won't be updated at all.

Corrections are welcomed if I've misunderstood.

Best wishes,

David Wood
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