7.0-PRERELEASE desktop system periodically freezes momentarily

Wayne Sierke ws at au.dyndns.ws
Sun Jan 20 08:42:03 PST 2008


Latest captures (of interest) - they're not hard to come by, it seems. I
see more than a couple of these every hour at least while I'm actively
doing anything on this system, and I've witnessed up to two or three
times that many at times. 

It seems my initial glee about catching Epiphany out was unfounded. Each
capture has successively shown a different process/thread with the long
exclusive cpu use, and the first one I've linked to here doesn't even
show any active 'running' processes for the period in question, it has
evolution and xorg 'yielding' and irq14 in 'runq'. The second one shows
'xorg' with exclusive 'running' for the duration.

So it's proving quite variable, and after examining more than a handful
of these I'm surmising that the 'freeze' is interfering with ktr logging
somehow, resulting in the loss of one or more data points and resulting
in the anomalous graphs as I mentioned in my previous message.

I won't strive to take any more of these for now unless you indicate
that you believe it could be useful. If I happen to catch any that look
of particular interest I'll post them up and send links. In the meantime
I'll revert to a standard GENERIC kernel, too, to gauge how much effect
running with this KTR-enabled kernel on the frequency of these events,
and the mouse disconnects.

I'm keen to hear your take on what you think might be going on here.




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