Dell Perc 6 disk geometry problem with RAID5 (both 6.3 final and 7.0 RC1)

Aldas Nabazas freebsd.stable1 at
Sun Jan 20 06:33:47 PST 2008


We bought a new Dell PowerEdge 2950III with Perc 6/i and have the disk
geometry problem using 6.3 final or 7.0 RC1. Seems that we are not alone at
least one guy has similar problem reported earlier:

I was reading the mailing list and found that some of the people are happily
using this hardware with the latest FreeBSD:

I just wonder what the status of mfi driver? Maybe it's not fully tested or
there will be some important fixes before 7.0 final? We are going to try
different RAID combinations but it definitely not working using 6x146GB as

Maybe someone could share the RAID combinations they successfully are
running on?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

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