panic when copying to ext2fs

Jakub Siroky jakob at
Sat Jan 19 03:18:06 PST 2008

I have tried these options in the config, but with same results
(unstoppable dump and crash):

makeoptions DEBUG=-g
options         WITNESS
options         WITNESS_KDB
options         KDB
options         KDB_TRACE
options         DIAGNOSTIC
options KDB 
options DDB 
options GDB 
options     INVARIANTS
options     DEBUG_LOCKS
options     DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS

I haven't tried debugging via serial port, however.

And the problem can be reproduced on ext2fs volume of any size.

Next step would be original GENERIC config.


On Sat, 19 Jan 2008 00:12:18 +0100
Kris Kennaway <kris at> wrote:

> Jakub Siroky wrote:
> > I have two large ext2fs partitions (368 and 313GB) to hold data
> > shared between several OSes.  While there were no problems on
> > 6-STABLE branch I was quite 
> disappointed after upgrade to 7-STABLE. Whenever I copy/write to
> ext2fs partition the system freezes totally without crashdump. So I
> set debugging settings to kernel config (DEBUG,WITNESS,..) and in
> console I reproduced error situation ending with full screen of
> unstoppable running text with lot of memory addresses and a few
> recognisable words: 'new block bit set for ext already' - again with
> no crashdump. Then I have formatted 1GB partition with ext2fs and the
> problem on this small partition appears only sometimes.
> 1) Please wrap your lines so your emails can be easily read.
> 2) Check the developer's handbook, it explains how to configure the 
> debugger so you can investigate this further.
> Kris
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