panic: vm_fault: fault on nofualt entry, addr: 81423000

Pete French petefrench at
Fri Jan 18 14:06:06 PST 2008

> The patch would be the same, it tried to fix an issue where if the table is
> longer than the space we are borrowing to map things we could end up with 
> problems.  I.e. the changes weren't in the RSDT/XSDT path at all, but in the 
> common code used to map tables.  If you are using RSDT, then 
> RsdtPhysicalAddress is what you care about rather than XsdtPhysicalAddress.

Ah, O.K., yes, looking at the patch thats obvious, sorry. I also
just found a bug in my printf code - I wasnt printing the vlaue of
of RsdtPhysicalAddress in the second part of the 'if' at all. Will
fix that and re-test on monday.



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