To 6.3 or to 7.0 that is the question?

Mike Tancsa mike at
Fri Jan 18 13:48:28 PST 2008

At 04:11 PM 1/18/2008, Steven Hartland wrote:
>I know 7 has had a lot of work done on locking and ULE but are there
>any other reasons to go for that instead of 6.3? Conversely are there
>any reason which would point away from 7 such as stability issues?

I think it depends what apps you run, what drivers you rely on.  The 
less esoteric your hardware is, the better the chances are that 
things will work well (eg. em nics vs nfe or tl etc etc).

Our production experiences with 7 have been good so far. I just did a 
rather busy customer mail server this morning and so far so good. I 
migrated it from 6.3 to 7 and am just finishing the portupgrade 
process.  We have also been running a 7.x box in our spam/virus 
scanning cluster since late Nov 2007 and no issues there either.  We 
havent done any benchmarks to see if its faster than the 6.x boxes, 
but its certainly stable so far and seems to at least keep up to the 
other boxes.

I am also testing a core2 and quad core box with 8 gig of RAM on a 4 
port Areca controller that will replace a 6.2 postgresql server next 
week some time.  Just doing some benchmarking/testing of that now and 
hope to have RELENG_7 64bit deployed next week on it if all goes as planned.


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