panic: vm_fault: fault on nofualt entry, addr: 81423000

Pete French petefrench at
Fri Jan 18 10:02:05 PST 2008

> So it appears to be dying here:
> (gdb) l *madt_probe+0x119
> 0xc06e7c69 is in madt_probe (/usr/src/sys/i386/acpica/madt.c:241).
> 236                     if (xsdt == NULL) {
> 237                             if (bootverbose)
> 238                                     printf("MADT: Failed to map XSDT\n");
> 239                             return (ENXIO);
> 240                     }
> 241                     count = (xsdt->Length - sizeof(ACPI_TABLE_HEADER)) /
> 242                         sizeof(UINT64);
> 243                     for (i = 0; i < count; i++)
> 244                             if (madt_probe_table(xsdt->TableOffsetEntry[i]))
> 245                                     break;

Turns out that it isn't - it's in the other branch of the if using the
RSDT instead of the XSDT. Not sure why the debugger was giving
misleading information. I added prints to find out which path it was
taking and to print out some values after the line
"rsdt = madt_map_table(rsdp->RsdtPhysicalAddress, 1, ACPI_SIG_RSDT);"

The value of rsdtl is 0x800e7610, but the value of rsdp->XsdtPhysicalAddress
is zero! So I guess that is where the panic is comming from. So where
now ? Is there an equivalent patch to the one you emailed
earlier for this branch of the if ?

I wont have access to the machine over the weekend, but I can make more tests
on monday morning.

thanks for the help,


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