PCI MSI (was Re: What current Dell Systems are supported/work)

Parv parv at pair.com
Thu Jan 17 03:19:08 PST 2008

in message <70AABDAF-1925-4DBE-88A2-976CFBC55C5E at khera.org>,
wrote Vivek Khera thusly...
> On Jan 10, 2008, at 11:09 AM, John Baldwin wrote:
>>> *: This is the default behavior for 7.0, I have not encountered
>>> the problem mentioned above on any 1950/2950 boxes so far I have
>>> tested.
>> I will enable MSI by default on 6.x now (so will take affect for
>> 6.4).  We've also enabled it by default on 6.x at work.
> Where can one go to read up on what MSI is and how it helps us?
> Is enabling it just setting a sysctl?  Does that have to be done
> in loader.conf or can it happen later?

Speaking of MSI being on by default in recent 6-STABLE ... well,
that caused my ThinkPad T61 (8859-CTO) ...


  kernel (combined for easy perusal):


... to go in panic[0].  So, for now I have added ...

  #  Since MSI turned on by default on 2008. UTC,
  #  causes panic so disable MSI.

... to /boot/loader.conf.

  [0] I could not save the dump for neither do I have access to
      serial console, nor could the file system be mounted.  Missing
      also here is a digital camera.  If anybody is interested, I
      could write screen down, and repeat to them.

  - Parv


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