kldstat causes kernel to print odd message

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at gsoft.com.au
Wed Jan 16 19:40:49 PST 2008

I have built my own release of 6.3 (slightly older than 6.3 as tagged) 
and I am seeing an odd cosmetic problem. Whenever I kldload a module 
(stuff loaded by the loader doesn't do it) I get this in dmesg..
kldload: Unsupported file type

The actual module works fine though (shows up in kldstat etc)

I traced the call path kldstat -> linker_load_module -> linker_load_file
And it seems that the TAILQ_FOREACH() in linker_load_file is iterating 
over 2 things - 'elf64' and 'elf64_obj'.

LINKER_LOAD_FILE is defined by linker_if.m/h and looks like..
static __inline int LINKER_LOAD_FILE(linker_class_t cls, const char* 
                                     linker_file_t* result)
        kobjop_t _m;
        return ((linker_load_file_t *) _m)(cls, filename, result);

Now it seems that link_elf.c and link_elf_obj.c both define identical 
methods & function names with very similar code.

The one in link_elf_obj.c works and the one in link_elf.c doesn't.. I am 
not sure why they both exist though.

The one in link_elf.c fails at..
    if (hdr->e_type != ET_EXEC && hdr->e_type != ET_DYN) {
        link_elf_error("Unsupported file type");
        error = ENOEXEC;
        goto out;

I note that the _obj version checks if e_type is ET_REL (and lo it is).

Can anyone explain what the underlying problem is? (I am guessing some 
ordering issue where normally elf64_obj is called first so the other is 
normally never called..)


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