Backup solution suggestions

Johan Ström johan at
Wed Jan 16 16:34:32 PST 2008

On Jan 16, 2008, at 19:02 , Toomas Aas wrote:

> Johan Ström wrote:
>> My main problem with existing solutions is this "gap" of  
>> encryption on the backup server side. I dont want it to be  
>> readable outside of my box (without encryption keys ofcourse), so  
>> as soon as I send it of from my box I want it to be encrypted over  
>> the link, and down on the disk. Not decrypted on the remote box,  
>> to then be encrypted again (with keys available on that box) and  
>> then stored to disk. That would allow any users of that box (yes  
>> sure you can have file permissions but lets assume someone else  
>> have root access there) to read my files.
>> Simple Example:
>> I create regular tarball (gziped maybee) with some files i want to  
>> backup, Then i encrypt this file with ie gpg. Then i send of this  
>> file using some unspecified network protocol to the storage server.
>> Encrypted all the way, from my end to the remote disk..
>> The downside is that it is a static file.. not a "dynamic  
>> filesystem", nothing I can mount and have easy access to  
>> individual files from. *Thats* what I'm looking for.
> As a long-time user of Amanda and regular lurker on their mailing  
> list, I've noticed that latest versions of Amanda have encryption  
> capabilities. They seem to fit your needs in that encryption can be  
> performed entirely on the backup client ("your box") side if one  
> opts to set things up that way.
> I haven't used encryption with Amanda myself so this is just what  
> I've heard on the list and read from the wiki just now:
> As for the ease of restore, it's not quite *that* easy, i.e. you  
> can't just transparently mount the backup as a filesystem and copy  
> files from there. Amanda has a command-line-ftp-like recovery  
> interface, where you can specify which files/subdirectories and  
> from which date you want recovered. It's been easy enough for me.

Looked through that page, seems like pretty much work right now. And  
I looked through the amanda docs, and I got to say, when calling  
themselfs "Amanda is the world's most popular Open Source Backup and  
Archiving software." one would expect somewhat better docs.. hehe.
Anyway, I will look more into the ggated suggestion from another post  
before digging deeper into amanda :)


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