panic: vm_fault: fault on nofualt entry, addr: 81423000

Pete French petefrench at
Wed Jan 16 06:31:16 PST 2008

I have an HP dc5750 workstaion and I get the following when I tryand boot
it with ACPI enabled. This happens almost instantly, just after the
processors are detected. I am running 7.0 these days, but I had the same
issue under 6.3 (which I reported in PR 117918, though without
the panic line, which I could not get our of 6.3). I just tested again with
the latest 7.0 prerelease from this morning (as I saw some ACPI changes)
plus the latest HP BIOS update (v02.31), but the problem still exists.

I know there were problems with these machines under amd64 (the "missing
BIOS smap" probkem in PR 111952), but this appears to be a different
issue. Is there anything useful I can do to get a trace out at the
point it panics ? It doesnt dump anything into /var/crash when it
reboots, preseumably because the panic is far too ealy on in the
boot process ?


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