7.0BETA4 desktop system also periodically freezes

Ulrich Spoerlein uspoerlein at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 14:48:28 PST 2008

On Wed, 09.01.2008 at 14:18:59 -0500, J.R. Oldroyd wrote:
> I believe this same problem may also be present on 7.0, at least on
> the BETA releases; BETA4 is the latest I have here.
> I have the same problem on two systems here: periodically the systems
> will stop dead (no mouse action, no ping responses from other systems,
> processes with windows on the screen also freeze); the hangs can be
> anything from a few seconds to several MINUTES; then it all comes back
> "as if nothing happened" except that keyboard input during the freeze
> is lost.  Most of my freezes are a few seconds long, some are in the
> 15-60 second range, but (fortunately, rarely) I have seen some that
> lasted 10-15 MINUTES!
> [...]
> But the phone might ring, so I'll stop doing things, the system will
> become pretty-much idle, then I'll go to move the mouse and it might be
> frozen.  When it comes back, the small load peak shows, but top and ps
> show nothing unusual.

Sorry for the late reply, I'm behind with reading mails. But to let you
know that you are not the only person, I witnessed pretty much the same
thing. It happens *very* rarely but it does happen from time to time.

I'm running 7.0-PRERELEASE with SCHED_ULE on i386 with 1GB RAM and ZFS
on a GELI provider. The system is running Xorg7.3 with the radeon driver
(I've come to blame Xorg 7.3 for all my recent problems ...)

Anyway, it did *never* happen when I'm playing MP3s, but leaving mplayer
paused for a couple of minutes I would return and the system was
basically frozen. Sometimes after a couple of minutes it would unfreeze
and replay all keystrokes and mouse movements but most of the time I'm
too impatient to wait. I press the power button and nothing happens. A
few minutes later it would do a regular shutdown. Strange things,

The only way, I think I could track this down would be to hook up remote
debugging via firewire and break to ddb, but I lack a second firewire
laptop :(

Ulrich Spoerlein
It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool,
than to speak, and remove all doubt.

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