Backup solution suggestions

Johan Ström johan at
Tue Jan 15 01:53:21 PST 2008


I'm looking to invest in some new hardware for backup. probably some  
kind of NAS (a 4-disk 1U NAS or something in that size). The thing is  
that I won't be the only one with access to this box, thus I would  
like to secure my data.
What I would like is encryption both for the transfer to the box, and  
encrypted on disk. The data on disk should not be readable by anyone  
but me (ie the other user(s) of the box should not be able to read  
it, at least not without a big effort).

So, I'm wondering what the best solution might be.. Tar'balling all  
my stuff and encrypt it with GPG or something and just dump it there  
with NFS would be the easiest solution, but maybe not the best. I've  
been thinking about running a GELI image on my box, and store that on  
the NAS over NFS.. would that be doable/secure/stable?
Another idea would be to go with some regular 1U box running some  
FBSD, doing scp to the box and geli local on the box but that would  
require me to have the encryption keys on that box (which would be  
shared so thus no good idea).

Any other ideas? Being able to rsync to the backup storage instead of  
just sending big encrypted tarballs would be very nice (and I guess  
that would be possible with geli version)

Maybe not the perfect list for this, but it is somewhat freebsd  
specific and I'm sure some other ppl on the list have had simliar  
situations :)

Johan Ström
johan at

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