Why does firefox keep locking up on me?

Christian Walther cptsalek at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 01:06:25 PST 2008

Hello Bob,

On 15/01/2008, Bob Vaughan <techie at tantivy.net> wrote:
> I've been having a problem on one particular machine with Firefox locking up
> on me, requiring a hard kill to get rid of it.
> The problem is thus: Firefox starts normally, but as soon as I go to a
> site that requires authentication, or any other form of user input,
> It will freeze as soon as I start entering my userid.
> Any ideas where to start looking?

Since you've done nearly everything that could affect a binary working
properly, I think we can rule out a problem with the base system, X or
the browser itself.
I guess the problem might be related to your ~/.mozilla directory. I
noticed that a large variety of problems might be related to something
been broken inside it.
This might be an extension that might be incompatible and that isn't
installed on any of the other machines.
I'd recommend you to shut down firefox, open a terminal window and
rename the directory to something different. Please note that it
contains all settings you've made in *any* mozilla product (sunbird,
Start firefox again and give it a try.


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