FreeBSD tar errors on valid empty tar.gz

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Sun Jan 13 16:22:47 PST 2008

> On Jan 10, 2008, at 4:41 PM, Kris Kennaway wrote:
>>> Not that I'm aware of. gtar works but libarchive tar fails on
>>> the file it created.
> Indeed.  Trying to create a tarball using a non-existent list of files  
> returns an error and generates a 0-byte tgz; as previously shown, BSD  
> tar in 6.3 treats that as an empty archive, which seems reasonable,  
> whereas gtar feeds it to gzip which generates an error:
> 20% tar cvzf test.tar.gz --files-from empty
> tar: Couldn't open empty: No such file or directory
> 21% ls -l test.tar.gz
> -rw-r--r--  1 chuck  chuck  0 Jan 10 19:42 test.tar.gz
> 22% tar tvzf test.tar.gz
> 23% gtar tvzf test.tar.gz
> gzip: (stdin): unexpected end of file
> gtar: Child returned status 1
> gtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

I don't normally follow freebsd-stable@, but Steven and
Kris were both kind enough to bring this discussion to
my attention.

In short: yes, this is broken in 6.2 and fixed in 6.3 and 7.
If you wish, you can install the libarchive port to get
a fix for this bug.

I think the details are a little bit interesting:
It turns out that empty archives are a tricky case.  Libarchive
always tastes files to determine their format, and empty
files have nothing in them, so libarchive used to fall over
when it tried to determine the format.  After all, there was
no data there to be tasted, so there's no way to distinguish
between an empty file pretending to be a cpio archive and an
empty file pretending to be a tar archive.

I eventually resolved this paradox by adding a new format
called "empty" that attaches itself to empty files.

In Chuck's example above, bsdtar simply ignores the 'z'
when reading the archive.  Instead, it tastes the file
for compression, sees that it's uncompressed,
then tastes the archive format and recognizes
the archive as having format "empty."  Any archive with
format "empty" successfully returns no entries.  So
bsdtar can successfully list nothing from an empty input

$ tar tvvf /dev/null
Archive Format: Empty file,  Compression: none
$ tar tvvf /dev/zero
Archive Format: tar, Compression: none

Note: In bsdtar, "vv" adds a final summary line
that isn't otherwise shown.

(The last line here only works after a commit
I pushed in about 2 minutes ago.  <sigh>  Thanks
for helping me find this new bug.  ;-)

In FreeBSD 6.2, libarchive lacked the "empty" format
support so it would choke when it tried to identify the
format of the empty file.

GNU tar, on the other hand, always invokes gzip if you tell
it to, and gzip complains loudly if its input is mis-formatted
in any way.  But GNU tar doesn't complain if you try to
list the contents of an empty file without the 'z'
option.  Go figure.

Post-6.2, libarchive has also fixed a more serious bug writing
empty archives, so that it no longer creates an empty file when
you try to create a tar archive with no entries.  In
particular, even if there are no entries, a tar archive
always gets an end-of-file marker (1024 zero bytes)
and correct padding.

Trivia:  bsdtar has special logic so that the "r" and "u"
modes work correctly with empty files; it asks libarchive
for the format and then silently converts "empty" to a
format that can actually be written before re-opening the
archive to append to it.  (Defaults to "pax restricted,"
though you can specify --format to force the result.)
This is surprisingly complicated.

Deep trivia:  Someone else asked about why they sometimes
saw 1024-byte empty archives and sometimes 10240-byte archives.
This is deliberate:  Tar archives are padded to a block
size---10240 bytes by default---except in certain

Uncompressed archives are padded unless being written to
a file on disk.

Size  Command
10240 tar cvf - --from-file /dev/null | wc
  1024 tar cvf test.tar --from-file /dev/null
  1024 tar cvf - --from-file /dev/null > test.tar

Archives to be compressed are always padded:

Size  Command
10240 tar cvzf test.tgz --from-file /dev/null; gunzip test.tgz

Compressed archives are padded after compression
unless being written to a regular file on disk:

Size  Command
10240 tar cvzf - --from-file /dev/null | wc
    45 tar cvzf test.tgz --from-file /dev/null

Tim K

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