6.3-PRERELEASE desktop system periodically freezes momentarily

Kris Kennaway kris at FreeBSD.org
Sun Jan 13 03:39:34 PST 2008

Wayne Sierke wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-01-13 at 03:24 +1030, Wayne Sierke wrote: 
>> I added options MUTEX_PROFILING and options HWPMC_HOOKS but the system
>> hangs when going multi-user after printing: Entropy harvesting:
>> interrupts ethernet point_to_point. ^t shows it stuck in dd, ^c brings
>> out to sysctl [<null>] but I can't get past that and am forced to reset.
>> I tried rebooting without loading modules which gets around that but
>> then I can't get xorg to start even after loading nvidia.ko. I've seen
>> the comment in the NOTES section in MUTEX_PROFILING re modules, does it
>> mean that I won't be able to use nvidia.ko with this test kernel? If so
>> perhaps someone could comment on how best to proceed re gathering test
>> results? i.e. would it be better to just use 'nv' or 'vesa' driver for
>> now and get mutex stats? Or forgo that and keep 'nvidia' and just use
>> hwpmc, etc.
> Someone replied privately and evidently I didn't make some things clear
> about what I did/tried.
> After changing the kernel config, I used appropriate incarnations of
> 'make buildkernel KERNCONF=' and 'make installkernel KERNCONF= KODIR='
> and used 'nextboot -k'.
> I also tried rebuilding nvidia.ko (including when booted under the
> profiling kernel) but not surprisingly the resulting file was identical
> to the original.
> I've just booted into a kernel with options HWPMC_HOOKS so I'll grab
> some results here. Meanwhile I'll prepare a kernel with just options
> MUTEX_PROFILING and if I haven't heard anything different in the
> meantime, I'll set about checking that out without nvidia.ko.

MUTEX_PROFILING changes the kernel ABI so modules that are not compiled 
with that option will not work.  If you use make buildkernel to build 
your kernel + modules together then it uses the kernel config file for 
both so they are compatible, otherwise your modules only are built with 
default options.  So, if you have any other modules apart from nvidia 
then use make buildkernel for those, and add -DMUTEX_PROFILING to the 
CFLAGS of the nvidia build and try that.  It may still not be enough 
since nvidia is a wrapper around a binary module, so you may also need 
to revert to nv.


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