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> Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 12:39:21 -0500
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> ÞÅÔ×ÅÒ 27 ÇÒÕÄÅÎØ 2007 12:33 ÐÏ, M. Warner Losh ÷É ÎÁÐÉÓÁÌÉ:
> > I did the bulk of the work for the 7.0 stuff, at least getting things
> > into the tree. šSince I did the work, my last job got totally insane
> > and then I switched jobs.
> As the old Russian saying went: if vodka interferes with your job, you
> have to stop working.

Which explains why there are not more old Russians. :-)

> > We can all agree that this is long overdue.  But we need to make sure
> > of a few critical details so we don't create another mess for
> > ourselves down the line.
> Seriosly, thank you and do get back to it whenever you can.

As to the original issue, I reported the same thing with my Olympus
camera. It used to work fine, so this is a regression. It crashes
current but simply fails when I use the HPS USB stack. (After a few
seconds, the camera simply turns itself off.)

As the original posted offered, I can provide  a dump and posted the
backtrace. I'd really love to be able to download pictures again, but I
am not optimistic.
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